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Title: Coral Castle; Secret of the Pyramids Found
Post by: Aaron on September 20, 2004, 11:43:50 AM contains pictures of a beautiful coral castle built within 28 years by one man and a few pieces of simple equipment. He claimed to have used the same secret the Egyptians used to build the pyramids, but sadly he took that secret to the grave with him. Anyone care to try figuring this one out? ;)

I believe that, for the towers at least, he moved the earth to a downward slant and shifted a block of coral into the hole, then moved it up from there (reduction of weight). then he refilled the earth back in. As for putting other pieces on top of a pieces, a picture of him using a tripod with pulleys was most likely used to put small pieces on top and to tilt other large objects. Even with that mechanism though, it is hard to picture how he could have moved around much larger objects like the 9-ton gate into an upright position and onto an old truck bearing. Coral is quite dense.

As for the hole in the 9-ton gate, constant erosion (perhaps a dripline leading through the exact center) would do the trick to create an almost perfect round hole from top to bottom. This would probably mean that the gate was one of the last pieces put up.

Any other theories/observations of the different components?
Title: Re: Coral Castle; Secret of the Pyramids Found
Post by: scott on September 21, 2004, 05:19:36 PM
Well the hole itself is impressive to be straight. But also through the center of gravity? Now that would be a very difficult thing to do and fit as a gate with 1" or so on either side, wow. Cutting it may not be that hard, I have never tried to cut coarl nor do i know if it is very brittle. One of the shows (in shearch of) said when it was moved they backed up a truck and left for an hour or so then came back and the stone was moved, that would not give much time to move that much earth? One day I will have to see this place.
Title: Re: Coral Castle; Secret of the Pyramids Found
Post by: beatrixz on December 18, 2005, 01:09:13 PM
It's impressive to see that he built it 60 years ago, and it's extremely beautiful and complicated. The AC Generator stumps me most, partly because it is built from coral, and partly because it actually works!
Title: Re: Coral Castle; Secret of the Pyramids Found
Post by: bluewolf on March 08, 2006, 06:02:16 PM
Have any of you actually been to Coral Castle? It's in Florida, and I had the opportunity to visit during the brief time I lived in that state.

The moving of the castle and other such things has absolutely nothing to do with moving earth or anything like that. If you look at his gadgets (made from old automobile parts), you'll see that most of them have to do with electricity and magnets. In fact, I have a pamphlet of his - "Magnetic Current" which is the "result of [his] two years' experiment with magets at Rock Gate" (known as Coral Castle). It is suspected that he used magnetism or levers to move and lift the blocks of coral.

For those that have never physically experienced coral... It's like cement. It's hard and heavy. But the way he 'carved' it - it looks very smooth and soft. But, I actually touched it. It's hard as a rock.

If nothing else, the place is really cool and pretty. Worth a trip if you're anywhere near the area.

Title: Re: Coral Castle; Secret of the Pyramids Found
Post by: Aaron on April 03, 2006, 08:04:21 AM
Wow!!!! That's awesome that you got a chance to visit... great pictures!

And yes, magnetism sounds like a goood theory, though it would still take a heck of a lot of power to lift those things. maybe a combination of an expertly done pulley system and soem magnets to aid in such lifting?

Also, I strongly suspect that he used high-pressured water in some way to carve the rocks so exquisitely. I've seen such water-cutters before, though considering the time period he must have designed his own.
Title: Re: Coral Castle; Secret of the Pyramids Found
Post by: tommietheturtle on July 29, 2013, 04:47:41 AM